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The Power of One Word

It’s funny how life comes full circle and then screeches to a stop right in front of your living room couch … Continue reading

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Political Ads Saved My Marriage

The barrage of political ads began shortly after the July 4th holiday in my neck of the woods—or at least it seemed that way. In reality, the first commercial aired in early September during a news broadcast, a time when … Continue reading

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Why My Vote Is a Secret

It was a cold December day in New York City nearly twenty-one years ago when my husband-to-be exited our hotel, noticed a parade of limos and police escorts parked at the curbside, approached a serious man in sunglasses, and curiously … Continue reading

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Ten Tidbits of Advice for All You Young Whipper Snappers

It’s finally here. One morning this week, I will roll over in bed, turn off my alarm, and greet an age I used to think was very, very old when I was very, very young. I like birthdays. I really … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary Stupid Bikini

Sixty-five years ago this week, a French inventor apparently obsessed with being able to view a woman’s navel at the beach, decided to create a tiny swimsuit named after an island in the Pacific. Louis Réard, a car engineer by … Continue reading

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