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The Power of One Word

It’s funny how life comes full circle and then screeches to a stop right in front of your living room couch … Continue reading

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Political Ads Saved My Marriage

The barrage of political ads began shortly after the July 4th holiday in my neck of the woods—or at least it seemed that way. In reality, the first commercial aired in early September during a news broadcast, a time when … Continue reading

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Birds Have It Easy

There we were. Alone at last. Just the two of us: my husband behind the wheel, me in the passenger seat. We had just dropped off our daughter at camp and were ready to embark on the three-hour drive home. … Continue reading

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Yes Kids, Your Parents Were Once Super Cool

It all started with a Throwback Thursday status update on Facebook. Seconds after I posted a perfectly lovely photo of middle school me playing the cello dressed in purple suede hot pants with a matching vest, my son emerged from … Continue reading

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Pre-Oscars Movie Viewing Fuels Popcorn Battle Once Again

Last weekend as the movie theater lights dimmed, the previews began, and the music blared, my husband and I looked at each other, nodded, and turned back to watch the screen. With a large popcorn bucket precariously balanced between our … Continue reading

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Who Are You Again?

Who are you? Those three words were screaming through my brain like a runaway train when a woman I swore I’d never seen before in my life shouted my name in a parking lot the other day. As she approached … Continue reading

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A Holiday Tradition Stands Firm: No Green Jell-O Salad

In families throughout the world, the holidays are dictated by annual traditions like pushing down fellow customers in a big box store in an attempt to grab the latest “Scratch Me Santa,” pouring rum in the eggnog punch to see … Continue reading

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