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Birds Have It Easy

There we were. Alone at last. Just the two of us: my husband behind the wheel, me in the passenger seat. We had just dropped off our daughter at camp and were ready to embark on the three-hour drive home. … Continue reading

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I Hope He Ties His Shoes on Graduation Day

This spring as thousands of high school seniors gather to celebrate graduation, thousands of mothers sitting in the stands with plastered smiles on their faces as they listen to one stilted speech after another will be secretly thinking, Please dear … Continue reading

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Up, Up, and Away … A Life Without Adventure is No Life At All

“Adventure without risk is Disneyland.” –Doug Coupland I don’t know how it happened. For the past seventeen years, I thought I was residing in suburbia but as it turns out, I’ve quietly been living in a comfort zone. Truth be known, … Continue reading

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10 Reasons Why Having Teenagers Makes Mothers Look Forward to Empty Nest Syndrome

It’s been happening since the beginning of time. Mothers who have spent the last twelve years dragging themselves out of bed at all hours of the night for feedings, temperature taking, and hand holding, suddenly find themselves the parents of … Continue reading

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Estrogen … Testosterone … Who Needs Those Stupid Hormones Anyway?

I like to tell people I’m in transition these days. My egg factory has shut down, I’m all hot flashy and sweaty, my mood swings more than a monkey at the zoo, and my estrogen hasn’t been this low since … Continue reading

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Barbie and a Teenaged Boy: A Mother’s Worst Nightmare

I’m pretty sure I know when it happened—the moment when I finally I lost complete and utter control over everything as a mother. It was the last week of school. As I had done every morning for the past three … Continue reading

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Yup, Nope, Funny

“Heredity is what sets the parents of a teenager wondering about each other.”                                                                                             —Laurence J. Peter Our son hadn’t even discovered the joy of conversing with friends through a phone created from two soup cans and a long string before … Continue reading

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