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Birds Have It Easy

There we were. Alone at last. Just the two of us: my husband behind the wheel, me in the passenger seat. We had just dropped off our daughter at camp and were ready to embark on the three-hour drive home. … Continue reading

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Have DNA, Will Travel

Eighteen years ago, I willingly carried a tiny boy in my womb. Today, I read an article that stated I may still be carrying his DNA in my brain. Suddenly, it is all starting to make sense. Now I know … Continue reading

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Estrogen … Testosterone … Who Needs Those Stupid Hormones Anyway?

I like to tell people I’m in transition these days. My egg factory has shut down, I’m all hot flashy and sweaty, my mood swings more than a monkey at the zoo, and my estrogen hasn’t been this low since … Continue reading

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How One Teenager Turned his Parents into Rhinoceroses

Seventeen years ago I gave birth to a tiny baby that eventually grew into a picky toddler that ate virtually nothing in order to survive. “Is it possible to stay alive for longer than twelve hours after eating just one … Continue reading

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