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A Holiday Tradition Stands Firm: No Green Jell-O Salad

In families throughout the world, the holidays are dictated by annual traditions like pushing down fellow customers in a big box store in an attempt to grab the latest “Scratch Me Santa,” pouring rum in the eggnog punch to see … Continue reading

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I Am Still Here: A Life-Changing Mantra

The thing I remember most from that day four weeks ago is the sound of my daughter crying on the phone as I informed her from the side of the freeway that both her father and I had been in … Continue reading

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I Hope He Ties His Shoes on Graduation Day

This spring as thousands of high school seniors gather to celebrate graduation, thousands of mothers sitting in the stands with plastered smiles on their faces as they listen to one stilted speech after another will be secretly thinking, Please dear … Continue reading

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Women Everywhere Relate to Jennifer Lawrence on Oscar Night

This is a post about a dazzling night in Los Angeles complemented by a tall, thin statue; gorgeous women dressed in designer gowns, heels, and expensive jewelry; and a host who gave new meaning to the phrase “edgy humor.” But … Continue reading

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Why My Vote Is a Secret

It was a cold December day in New York City nearly twenty-one years ago when my husband-to-be exited our hotel, noticed a parade of limos and police escorts parked at the curbside, approached a serious man in sunglasses, and curiously … Continue reading

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Ten Tidbits of Advice for All You Young Whipper Snappers

It’s finally here. One morning this week, I will roll over in bed, turn off my alarm, and greet an age I used to think was very, very old when I was very, very young. I like birthdays. I really … Continue reading

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Have DNA, Will Travel

Eighteen years ago, I willingly carried a tiny boy in my womb. Today, I read an article that stated I may still be carrying his DNA in my brain. Suddenly, it is all starting to make sense. Now I know … Continue reading

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